Días Eternos in Photoville,
partnered with The Pulitzer Center
on Crisis Reporting

Autumn 2020

Empire Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn Bridge Park,
New York City.

“From 2017 to 2019, Ana Maria Arévalo Gosen photographed and interviewed women in Venezuelan prisons, where many can languish for months or years without trial on vague charges like “terrorism.” Ms. Arévalo, a Venezuelan photographer based in Spain, documents the cramped, squalid facilities, the improvised furnishings, and most of all, the sense of endless waiting, in solo and group portraits that feel more intimate than intrusive.”

The New York Times review of the Photoville Festival

SELECTED WORKS - LUMIX Festival für jungen Bildjournalismus,
Gallery F³, Berlin

14 August - 27 September

The LUMIX FESTIVAL for Young Visual Journalism is one of the most important platforms for young documentary photography in Europe. SELECTED WORKS exclusively presents a selection from this year’s edition of the festival. Works by young and committed photo journalists of the 21st century who deal with political, cultural, ecological and social processes in their documentaries. They do not only see themselves as observers of current events, but also want to actively intervene in global debates with their photographs.
Exhibition curated by Gisela Kayser and Katharina Mouratidi.

The Meaning Of Life in Helsinki Photo Festival, Helsinki

Summer 2020

The Meaning of Life was one of the winners of the Open Call for this festival’s edition, which theme was TRUST.

Días Eternos
in ManifestO Festival,

September 2019

ManifestO festival has taken shape since 2009 in an assembly of shipping containers installed along the Garonne river. Each artist is attributed a container as an exhibition space and occupies it according to his artistic wishes.