Hire me for media & editorial assignments

For media and editorial assignments, I treat every project like personal work. I conduct in-depth research, find creative and authentic ways to illustrate the story, and express the ideas to suit the needs of the organizations, agencies or brands who hire me. You can reach me at amgosen@gmail.com

Learn with me

Consider engaging me as a mentor for your new or existing projects. I offer a bespoke mentoring program tailored specifically to meet your unique needs. Additionally, as an experienced educator in visual storytelling, I am available to conduct comprehensive workshops and conferences in this field.

Since 2023, I have been imparting knowledge and skills in advanced documentary filmmaking at the EFA School. Moreover, I have been collaborating with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting since 2020, presenting my work and sharing my insights on photojournalism ethics with high school students across the United States.

I also organize the exclusive ‘Ojo Pelao’ workshops for emerging photojournalists in Venezuela. Reach out to me to take advantage of these unique learning opportunities and enhance your understanding of visual storytelling and photojournalism.

Shop my artwork

Transform those white walls into galleries of vibrance with just a click! My webshop offers an exclusive selection of my finest photographs as high-quality prints, each hand-signed and numbered in limited editions. It’s time to give those mute walls a voice — a splash of color, a whisper of stories. Don’t let your walls drown in silence; adorn them with art that speaks

Display my work

My work can be displayed upon request anywhere in the world in galleries, museums, open air or photography festivals, online shows or high street events.


My work is very structured: upfront research, time to get to know my protagonists, field shooting and communication to influence change.


I create a unique visual language to unveil and put the light on under-reported confronting realities.


Every single story I develop is an authentic piece of the unique puzzle of my life mission.

Clients & collaborators