Sinfonía Desordenada with the support of the National Geographic Society

In the face of the pandemic, we’ve been compelled to reimagine our future. Today, I am choosing to harness the power of music as a testament to resilience, a tool for healing as we unite for the betterment of our community,” expressed Horacio Blanco, the singer-songwriter of Desorden Público and the innovative Sinfonía Desordenada project. […]

Raw is Irreversible

Portraits of young skaters and visitors of the Valdo Fussi Piazza (2019).

Les gitans de Toulouse (2012-2013)

This family of gipsies live in the outskirts of Toulouse. I met them while studying photography and they accepted me in their community as one of their own. One of the youngest members of the family poses for a portrait in the backyard of her home. Members of the family watching TV in their bedroom. […]


In the last 4 years, 3 million Venezuelans have fled their country. This displacement has had precedents in the history of Latin America. Those with the least resources to flee the devastating crisis are now doing so. Many of them are looking for a way out on roads bordering their neighbour, Colombia. The Simón Bolívar […]

Natura Belaunaldia (The Generation Nature)

Since the start of the modern times, three main ideologies have continuously been opposed: capitalism, fascism and communism. They have been confronting themselves through wars and conflicts, but also through narratives of propaganda, placements of symbols, movies and photography. The leaders of these ideologies have been using to their interest the narrative power of some […]

The meaning of life

I was shocked when the doctor, after a one-minute check up, told me the news. Emptiness invaded my body. I thought about yesterday when I played soccer for two hours and biked 20km, an up-coming work meeting at 9am, going dancing Saturday night. Not only did I have a rare type of cancer, but it […]

Días Eternos

In Venezuela, the criminal Justice System does not work equally for everybody. It takes away the Rights of the poorest and most vulnerable members of the society. Thousands of women, most awaiting trial and presumed innocent, are expected to be held for 45 days, but Venezuela’s crisis has rendered this notion a memory. The situation […]

Cuentapropistas en la Habana, Cuba

In 2013, I travelled to La Habana to shoot a portrait series about a new category of workers in Cuba: the freelancers or Cuentapropistas.