Ojo Pelao’ workshops in Venezuela for emerging photojournalists

Over the course of two enriching days, we delved deep into the workshops of ‘Ojo Pelao’. This program, co-founded by myself and Andrea Hernandez, serves as a launchpad for budding photojournalists in Venezuela, guiding them through the intricate layers of documentary photography.

Our journey spanned from mastering the art of intimate portraiture to crafting compelling pitches. We were privileged to absorb the profound insights of Johana Perez Daza, who enlightened us on the semiotics of photography and the transformative power of failure.

Together, we navigated the process of editing and sequencing work, fostering a spirit of collaboration that transcended the confines of the workshop. But perhaps the most significant outcome was the forging of an unyielding bond among us, a connection that will endure beyond our shared experience.