Ojo Pelao second edition in Caracas. Gender Perspective Edition

The “Ojo Pelao” workshop, hosted at the Goethe Institute in Caracas, provided an unparalleled setting for a journey of transformation and learning. Nestled within the institute’s nurturing walls, we found not only state-of-the-art classrooms equipped with expansive screens perfect for immersive presentations and discussions but also an on-site coffee shop that kept us nourished and […]

Días Eternos in FRAC

As part of the FRAC biennale, Días Eternos shone as the face of the flyer of the exhibition and was part of the main exhibit “Tendresse Subversive” Link

Ojo Pelao’ workshops in Venezuela for emerging photojournalists

Over the course of two enriching days, we delved deep into the workshops of ‘Ojo Pelao’. This program, co-founded by myself and Andrea Hernandez, serves as a launchpad for budding photojournalists in Venezuela, guiding them through the intricate layers of documentary photography. Our journey spanned from mastering the art of intimate portraiture to crafting compelling […]

How to edit a documentary photo story with Dias Eternos

Editing can be the hardest and most frustrating process involved in working on a photo project, but ultimately it’s the very moment the story, the atmosphere and the message you intend to convey take shape. I’ll take Dias Eternos, a long-term project shot by photographer Ana Maria Alvarado in Venezuelan prisons and featured by The […]

Lo que el COVID se llevó

More than 4 million Venezuelans have fled at the wake of an escalating humanitarian crisis. With its close ties to Venezuela, Spain is the first country where Venezuelans seek asylum in Europe. Regardless of the uncertainty of being allowed to stay or not, Venezuelans embrace the hope of security and stability, and often become hard-working […]

My cousin is my quarantine saviour

To cope with these days of confinement, I have been writing often. My new room-mate is my older cousin, a woman whom I did not know that much until now – and is one of the positive things that have happened since the start of quarantine. Day #18 1/4/2020Su compañía es luz en este rato,La […]