Elevation Week in Washington with Nat Geo, 2023

Full content: This past week has easily become one of the most memorable and enriching experiences of my life. I had the incredible opportunity to spend time in Washington, where I met the dedicated team behind the scenes that enables me to pursue my passion in the field. As a documentary photographer, solitude often becomes […]

Les hommes de l’air of Air France + The Meaning of Life 2022 campaign

very year, we do a campaign to raise funds for an association related to male cancer. This year we are very happy to announce our collaboration with Les hommes de l’air from Air France! Our campaign has reached the skies! ✈️@leshommesdelair has been the window to our story & we are supporting their men’s mental […]

Gala of Sinfonía Desordenada in Caracas

Surrounded by lovely people this gala was made as a pre-opening of my fist solo show in Caracas. Thank you to those who made it possible: the the selfless help of Elizabeth Schummer, the jaw-drapping music of Cinéticos, the fod from Aurora café and the gastronomic group of Hector Padula, the wines from Licoteca and […]

Dias Eternos in Tokyo

Full content: As part of the International Women in Photo Association, Dias Eternos was part of a collective exhibition in the  FCCJ gallery, Tokyo.   Link

Solutions for a Green Future and Without Pandemics

The last of a three-part panel series, Ayün Fotógrafas and experts in environmental issues join together to discuss solutions for a better future without pandemics!   Panelists include Philipp Quante, Senior Product Manager in a leading renewable company, Anna Yona, the founder of Wildling Shoes, Jules Coignard Co-founder of Circul’r and James Whitlow Delano, documentary photographer […]

The Nature That Inhabits Us

First collective project with Ayun Fotografas. As a collective of eight women photographers connected by Latin America, our project explores the environmental issues leading up to COVID-19 and how a human populace in balance depends on a planet in balance. Through images highlighting not only nature’s destruction but also our own due to a detachment […]