Abuelas con 30 años in Visa pour L’image

In 2023, my project “Abuelas con 30 Años,” which received support from the National Geographic Society, took center stage at the prestigious photojournalism festival, Visa pour l’Image. This compelling body of work delves into the profound issue of teenage pregnancy in Venezuela, a phenomenon increasingly exacerbated by the mass migration of parents seeking opportunities abroad. Through this project, I sought to shed light on the complex interplay of socio-economic factors that have led to a generation of young grandmothers, capturing the resilience and challenges faced by these young women as they navigate motherhood in a rapidly changing societal landscape.

Presenting “Abuelas con 30 Años” at Visa pour l’Image offered a unique platform to bring global attention to this critical issue, allowing the stories of these young women to resonate with international audiences. It was an opportunity to highlight the nuances of Venezuelan society, the impact of migration, and the cyclical nature of teenage pregnancy within communities where the absence of parental figures has become increasingly common.

The projection at the festival not only amplified the voices of those featured in my project but also underscored the power of photojournalism in fostering a deeper understanding of global social issues. It stands as a testament to the enduring partnership with the National Geographic Society and their commitment to supporting storytelling that brings to light underreported stories. This recognition at Visa pour l’Image is not just a personal milestone but a step forward in the collective effort to address and mitigate the challenges faced by young mothers in Venezuela and beyond.