Ojo Pelao second edition in Caracas. Gender Perspective Edition

The “Ojo Pelao” workshop, hosted at the Goethe Institute in Caracas, provided an unparalleled setting for a journey of transformation and learning. Nestled within the institute’s nurturing walls, we found not only state-of-the-art classrooms equipped with expansive screens perfect for immersive presentations and discussions but also an on-site coffee shop that kept us nourished and caffeinated throughout our sessions. The unwavering support from the institute’s staff played a pivotal role in the smooth facilitation of our workshop, ensuring a seamless and productive experience for all involved.

Set against the complex tapestry of Venezuela’s socio-political landscape, the “Ojo Pelao” workshop navigated through a maze of economic strife and social unrest. These external pressures sharpened our focus on gender narratives, turning potential obstacles into springboards for urgent and meaningful exploration through documentary photography. Our workshop embraced the fluidity of the socio-political climate, weaving real-time examples and spirited discussions into the fabric of our learning experience.

Andrea Hernández Briceño and I, as facilitators, delved deep into the nexus of politics and gender, sharing insights from our projects, including my work on “Abuelas con 30 Años.” These discussions provided practical wisdom on project conceptualization, fostering ethical relationships with subjects, and navigating the intricacies of external support.

Cultivating a Rich Learning Ecosystem

Our approach prioritized not just the acquisition of knowledge but the development of a nuanced understanding of gender perspectives and the art of crafting compelling narratives. Editing sessions became arenas for critical thinking and constructive feedback, where the mantra was to view setbacks as stepping stones for growth. We championed the art of collaborative storytelling, encouraging participants to adopt a holistic approach to their projects.

The impact of these methodologies was palpable, as participants shared stories that bore the hallmarks of the workshop’s influence on their approach to gender-focused storytelling. The spirit of collective problem-solving fostered resilience and adaptability, culminating in a celebration of our shared journey through the presentation of diplomas – a testament to our collective growth and commitment to gender-focused photojournalism.

The “Ojo Pelao” workshop at the Goethe Institute has emerged as a cornerstone for aspiring photojournalists in Venezuela, adept at transforming challenges into opportunities for impactful storytelling. Our commitment to fostering a supportive environment, honing practical skills, and encouraging genre-focused narratives has established the workshop as a beacon of excellence in the field of photojournalism. As our participants venture forth, equipped with new tools and perspectives, the “Ojo Pelao” workshop stands as a testament to the power of collaborative learning and the enduring impact of storytelling with purpose.